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how to tie a bow tie (most helpful version)


One of the things we love on a wedding day is being able to help our couples.

It’s not all about taking a beautiful photo, it’s also about the little things.

Drying the stems of the flowers before the bride picks them up,

Coaching bridesmaids on how to hold the flowers as they walk down the aisle,

Helping pin the button holes on the grooms suit.

But i have to confess that recently I was placed in a situation where i was powerless to help



How DO you tie a bow tie?

Not the standard clip on ones;

Proper ‘tie it up yourself at your own peril’ type bow ties.

I had no idea..

…and neither did the groom!

Googling images of ‘how to tie a bow tie’ can often help only to confuse the bow tie virgin even more.

You tube is a bit better, but as humorous as “How to Tie a Bow Tie (most helpful version)” is,

it isn’t enough to turn a bit of black fabric into anything better than a weirdly shaped bit of black fabric.

So if you are planning to have bow ties for your wedding, my tip for today is either

a) get a clip on one

b) hire a butler


c) practice (and not for the first time on the wedding day)

because unless you practice and practice and practice,

you tube won’t help you.

trust me.