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Wedding Photographer of the Year!


When i first heard of Wedding and Events Of Australia I was intrigued.

People i knew and respected in the wedding industry were already a part of it including photographer friends.

It only took a short phone call to Jessica, the driving force behind WEOA, to realise that this was something i wanted to be a part of.

We love playing our part in the celebration of a couples union, and it seemed that their vision was to continue that celebration with recognition of the people that work hard to make brides and grooms happy.

So we entered.


I must admit that when i first started reading the application for Photographer of the Year i was daunted!

This wasn’t simply a popularity contest won by those with the most likes or votes.

There were questions.

not “what’s your favourite colour”, but questions like

“describe a recent challenge you had in your business dealings with a client and how you overcame the challenge to deliver a win/win scenario?”

“describe your initial meeting with the bridal couple”

“what differentiates you from your competition?”

Not only did we have to submit images, but we needed to provide references from our wedding couples as well as other industry professionals

Our website was scrutinised and our marketing evaluated

A panel of expert judges then came together and put all those things together.


and we won.


WEOA_DS & SR Photographer 

At an amazing black tie dinner at the Sofitel Wentworth in Sydney, Sarah Rogers (my right hand photographer and studio manager) and I were excited and emotional when that wonderful cliche rang out

“and the winner is….

…Society Photography!”

 Among our peers and competitors, who are also our friends, we were named from the six other finalists as the Sydney WEOA Wedding Photographer of the Year.

We were ushered out to have photos taken and be interviewed for WEOA TV bubbling with excitement but were quickly ushered back into the main ballroom

 the Diamond Winner was about to be announced…

The WEOA Diamond Award is the award not just for winning a category, but for being judged the best submission overall.

I am still trembling as I remember hearing the voice of Kerri-Anne Kennerley …..

“and the winner is Society Photography!”





WEOA_PresentationWEOA_DS speech+Sarah

 To stand on the stage in front of a room full of amazing wedding industry royalty was a feeling i won’t forget.

(and I’m SO glad i bought a suit and actually wore a bow tie)

I am so proud of our team

our little photography family

our Society.

Sarah, Dean, Carla, Caitlin, Steve, Jess – this wouldn’t have been possible without your hard work, enthusiasm and loyalty


to my amazing wife Amy,

thank you for being my rock, my encouragement, and my love



This dream started almost 20 years ago when i was lucky enough to start working for a great photographer – Tony Warrilow.

To have been part of Society Photography from the beginning has been an amazing journey and one that I wouldn’t change for anything

To lead our team to even be in the running for these awards is truly special,

and to win, even sweeter


But most importantly


To have been welcomed into their most special day by so many beautiful, amazing couples

is a privilege that we never take for granted


We love what we do

Thank you for letting us


David Stowe




Special thanks to our friends at Inlighten Photography for allowing us to use the official images from the awards night!