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how to tie a bow tie (most helpful version)


One of the things we love on a wedding day is being able to help our couples.

It’s not all about taking a beautiful photo, it’s also about the little things.

Drying the stems of the flowers before the bride picks them up,

Coaching bridesmaids on how to hold the flowers as they walk down the aisle,

Helping pin the button holes on the grooms suit.

But i have to confess that recently I was placed in a situation where i was powerless to help



How DO you tie a bow tie?

Not the standard clip on ones;

Proper ‘tie it up yourself at your own peril’ type bow ties.

I had no idea..

…and neither did the groom!

Googling images of ‘how to tie a bow tie’ can often help only to confuse the bow tie virgin even more.

You tube is a bit better, but as humorous as “How to Tie a Bow Tie (most helpful version)” is,

it isn’t enough to turn a bit of black fabric into anything better than a weirdly shaped bit of black fabric.

So if you are planning to have bow ties for your wedding, my tip for today is either

a) get a clip on one

b) hire a butler


c) practice (and not for the first time on the wedding day)

because unless you practice and practice and practice,

you tube won’t help you.

trust me.






….perhaps the most dreaded four letter word in a bride’s vocabulary.

Of all the questions I am asked by brides when talking about their wedding, “what happens if it rains?” is the one always asked with the most trepidation.

My answer in a nutshell is to simply “smile”!

Essentially the key to a great wedding in adverse circumstances is in the way you deal with it.

There are so many reasons why your wedding day should be the happiest day of your life, so to let the one thing that you can’t control alter that is more than just a shame. At the end of the day you will still be married to the man you love, surrounded by your closest family and friends, and if you keep the big picture in mind you will still have fantastic memories captured by your photographer. After all if you are happy and soaking up the inherent joy of the occasion (no pun intended but i could easily take that further…) then a good photographer will be able to capture that, and create memories of the day that you will cherish forever.

There are certainly things to keep in mind if it is really wet of course. Locations and timing may change and the way we photograph will sometimes be different in response to that. Whilst we will always encourage our brides to not be stressed about the dress getting dirty, we won’t be aiming to soak up puddles with it! We always bring white umbrellas with us too so that have one less thing to worry about! If you do want to get your own umbrellas we would usually suggest plain white and certainly avoid  coloured or striped ones. Tartan are pretty much always a no-no, but still seem to be the fashion with some wedding car drivers. Same goes for big advertising logos…. we photographed a wet wedding once where the celebrant had an umbrella emblazoned with a funeral parlour logo! Seriously.

From a photographic perspective, there is often the opportunity for some great candid images. Rain can be really atmospheric and overcast conditions often provide a softer more even light. Being ready to go that extra mile or react quickly to changing weather to get the shot will reward you with something wonderful. Technology can also help. I won’t forget in a hurry one of the wetter weddings i photographed at Watson’s Bay. At the end of the ceremony it looked like the weather was closing in so I checked the Bureau of Meteorology rain radar on my trusty phone and saw a big rain front coming. We quickly asked the priest if they could leave the church open for us for a little while, postponed family photos and raced up the hill with the bridal party where we were able to create some beautiful candid and also dramatic images in less than ideal conditions, but before the torrential downpour! If it wasn’t for the attitude of a wonderful couple and their flexibility to change their plans suddenly and trust me, we wouldn’t have had the same end result. (Thanks Connie and Alex!)

Another thing is that often the rain can pass and you have awesome light or rainbows. Storm fronts always make a spectacular backdrop too!

So a few tips:

1. Dont’ stress!

2. If you are planning an outdoor ceremony, make sure you have a back up plan

3. Discuss wet weather photographic locations with your photographer

3. Make sure you have matching umbrellas (solid white or black) organised well in advance

4. Relax and trust your photographer