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the beginning

Life is funny sometimes.

Funny that here we are after more than 15 years, writing “the beginning”.

But that’s how things should be.

You see for me a beginning means something new….something challenging…..something exciting.

How sad it would be if all we seemed to write in life was “The Same”.

Not that everything needs to change of course. Some constants in the way you approach things, applying yourself, being the best person you can be…

These things are good to be the same.

But life does change. On a personal note, I have now been married for 11 years and have a family of my own. The way we communicate and the way we see has changed since Society Photography began all those years ago.

Society has remained committed to its vision of wanting to be a part of our wider society and to create images that capture people’s hearts for a time infinitely longer than the life span of a text or tweet.

But here we are (belatedly perhaps), writing our first blog post on our new website.

Unremarkable of course to many but for me this is indeed something new, something challenging, and something exciting.

In the same way that walking into a new location to photograph a wedding pushes us creatively and stimulates our way of seeing, this new website is a symbol of wanting to be the best we can be and to keep challenging ourselves in every aspect of our service.

This new website is a new beginning of how we communicate and share our visual contribution with the society we live in. A society that is indeed a rich tapestry of individuals, couples, families…

We hope that in time we can become part of your society too.


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