Location Search

Welcome to the Society Photography Location Search

Over the last 20 years we have worked at alot of different wedding and reception venues. People always love seeing images we have captured at the place they intend to marry so we are embarking on an ongoing quest to create a database of great locations. Not just wedding reception venues, but great places for ceremonies and also photo shoot locations. We hope to share tips that will help with your planning and perhaps become a resource for other photographers.

 To use the Location Search, simply type a keyword into the search box – eg “Gunners” or “Tea Room”, or even multiple words like “Sydney, water views, reception”.

There are only a limited number of locations at the moment however we will be adding to it as often as we can to increase its usefulness. If you would like to see a particular venue please contact us and we will see what we can do to get some images up as soon as we can for you.

We hope you enjoy the images and find this part of our website helpful. It’s just another way that we hope to share our imagery and experience and to add to the confidence you should have in choosing Society Photography to help Celebrate your Life!