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Bradleys Head

Bradleys Head1

Bradleys Head is without doubt one of the best locations to photograph on the northern side of Sydney. Just down the road from Taronga Zoo, it is conveniently located to a number of northside harbour reception venues. It boasts a combination of outstanding harbour views, intimate beaches, old sandstone gun emplacements, and natural National Park surroundings.

Sydney Opera House

Society_Opera House_06

The Sydney Opera House is indeed the quintessential icon of the Harbour City. Whilst for some it's a location that has "been done", for many others it is a dramatic backdrop that will forever serve as a reminder of where they were married. Location: Macquarie St, Sydney, New South Wales Access & Parking: Access is via Macquarie St. Wedding Cars are able to drop off and pick up the bridal party however the wedding cars aren't allowed to stay