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Cardinal Cerretti Chapel, Manly (St Patrick’s)


Cardinal Cerretti Chapel, often referred to as St Patrick’s is one of the most spectacular chapels in Sydney. It has an imposing presence on the hillside above Manly and is equally as impressive inside. It was the church that saw Nicole Kidman marry Keith Urban, although it has been popular for much longer than that.

Location: Darley Rd Manly, New South Wales

Access & Parking: Drive through Manly heading up Darley Rd towards North Head, where the entrance is on your left. Parking is available on the street.

Photographic Tips: Fantastic inside with quite good lighting at the front of the church. Outside is great for some location shots as well as family/group shots. Note that to have photos in front of the main building of the old Seminary requires additional payment as this is the International College of Management which hosts wedding receptions.

Wet Weather: The sandstone entranceway give some limited options for wet weather photography. The verandah of the main building (see note above) are great in the rain.

Venue Contact Info:

Phone: 0418 896 959
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